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As a working mother, I understand the challenges of parenting today first-hand.

Because of how quickly and easily we share information today, we are constantly reminded of how others define “best” parenting practices - all of which disconnect us from our own intuitive process. It is draining and demotivating to feel like you should be parenting "perfectly", especially when as a parent you feel like anything but perfect.
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My mission is to normalize conversations around parenting — especially the ones that don’t involve words like snuggles & cuddles.

My Method

I have honest conversations about the marital testing, career crushing, identity crisis that ensues.

And not to mention the overwhelming physical and emotional demand that never stops. Using tools from my personal and clinical experience, and my background in mental health and child development, I am uniquely qualified to help you identify actions that will facilitate the enjoyment of parenting and connection by reducing the time you lose on social comparison and guilt.

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Let's work together! Helping parents is what I do best.



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