Marcella Kelson

Best Apps for Productivity: Let’s Be Honest, We All Need The Help

You are on your phone all day anyway. Might as well be productive.

Here are some apps that you need to be using to live your best life.

For the amateur investor. Acorns is linked to your bank accounts, and helps you get a low risk taste of investing. Let’s say you spend $4.40, Acorns will round up to the next dollar (in this case, 10 cents), and invest it in the the portfolio of your choice.

For the couple that shares finances. Honeydue. Managing finances within couples is painful and annoying. This app lets you track spending together and separately. It also lets you remind each other of bill dates and pay each other back for expenses.

For the individual budgeter. Clarity Money. Budgeting is impossible if you don’t know how much you are spending and where the money is going. Download Clarity Money and head over to my blog about budgeting to get started.

For the person who manages multiple email accounts and calendars. Mailplane for mac. Seamlessly emailing and accessing your email from one app is not easy on GMail apps. Use this one stop shop and jump around all day without accidentally emailing contacts from the wrong address.

For the person who cannot manage one more F$%ing password. Dashlane. Dashlane will seamlessly update, story and manage passwords so you never have to remember (or forget). Download the plugin to your browser and it will fill out passwords and frequently required information (such as address, DOB) in seconds.

For the person who actually wants accurate weather. Dark Sky. Part of being prepared actually requires you to know what the hell is going on in the world before you leave the house. Dark Sky will tell give you minute by minute break down, and it actually knows.

For the skeptic to wants to learn about meditation but doesn’t want it to be all airy fairy. Headspace. This app will remind you to chill out, unplug and take 5 minutes to yourself without making you feel like you’ve accidentally signed up for a cult.


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