Marcella Kelson

The Best Podcasts For: Learning to Love Yourself

Podcasts changed my life.

I could sit here and tell you all the reasons why I love podcasts, and maybe some day I will, but if you’re here you either know how great they are, or you’ve already been convinced to give them a shot.  Whether you’re in transit, walking your dog, or even cooking, podcasts do that amazing thing of making you feel productive and accomplished just for listening.

One quick tip: I like using Overcast for list management and listening. Make sure you download your episode so you can hear it offline.

Here are a few episodes that I’ve personally vetted, to help you Love Yourself. I also have separate posts for Love Another & Love Your Life Podcasts. Check back every week for updates and new podcasts.


Work Life w. Adam Grant

34 minutes
  • Recommend Because: If you’re someone who is extremely sensitive to criticism, or conversely, if you are someone who loves criticism, you’ll want to hear this. You’ll walk away feeling like nothing can bring you down. Adam Grant interviews several people who have experienced cringe-worthy rejection, how they dealt with it, and what it meant for their self esteem.
  • Major takeaway: Everyone needs a “challenge network” – a group of people or person who you trust, because they are willing to tell you the truth about how you really are. High performers rely on this kind of network to constantly grow and evolve.


Tony Robbins Podcast ft. Gretchen Rubin

42 minutes
  • Recommend Because: This might help you gain a better sense of yourself, why you are/are not productive in certain situations, and how to choose situations that are specifically tailored to your behavioral habits.
  • Major takeaway: This changed the game for when it came to understanding some aspects of human behavior. For example, why do some of my clients follow all the rules we set in place and why do some consistently break them? Having this framework allowed me to understand which clients fulfill to please me, which clients need a lot of pushing, which clients won’t stick to goals at all, and which clients just need a bit of an explanation.


Simplify ft. Alain Lightman

39 minutes
  • Recommended because: This podcast features Alain Lightman talks about human behavior in a sarcastic and dry way. No bull shit, lots of great, compelling evidence, and you’ll walk away with tangible hacks. If you’re a procrastinator, this podcast will highlight the different reasons you might be procrastinating, what well-used time really looks like, and how sometimes you might be more productive than you realize.
  • Major takeaway: You can actually determine what productivity looks like. No one else gets to determine that for you, and it should be based on how you feel, when you feel the most productive.


Tony Robbins Podcast ft. Todd Herman

42 minutes
  • Recommend Because: Todd Herman is a performance coach that talks about the benefits of alter egos. Would you behave differently if you actually perceived yourself as someone else? This podcasts quickly walks you to through the concept of secret identities and how to cultivate your own.
  • Major takeaway: Sometimes we confine ourselves to one identity, but as humans we have the ability to access so many different versions of ourselves. None of them being less genuine than the other. We hide behind masks of fear but deep down, there is a fearless version in all of us.


Hill House Home ft. Nellie Diamond

44 minutes
  • Recommend Because:If you feel like having a coffee with a friend that is confident, inspiring and self deprecating in a totally refreshing and loveable way, this will be a fun hour for you.  At first you think you are signing up for an hour discussion about bedding (which, I would be totally up for), but this episode takes a quick turn in to something deeper. Nellie covers parenting while running a business, anxiety symptoms and how she manages them, and even a bit of advice on love and dating in a modern world.
  • Major takeaway: From the outside, a person/business can look like they have it all, but Nellie talks candidly about the reality behind starting your own business in a difficult moment, and how self care is a major part of her philosophy on life.


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