Marcella Kelson

The Best Podcasts For: Loving Your Life

Podcasts changed my life.

I could sit here and tell you all the reasons why I love podcasts, and maybe some day I will, but if you’re here you either know how great they are, or you’ve already been convinced to give them a shot.  Whether you’re in transit, walking your dog, or even cooking, podcasts do that amazing thing of just making you feel productive and accomplished for listening.

One quick tip: I like using Overcast for list management and listening. Make sure you download your episode so you can hear it offline.

Here are a few specific episodes that I’ve personally vetted, to help you Love Your Life. I also have separate posts for Love Yourself & Love Yourself Podcasts. Check back weekly for new podcasts.


Tony Robbins Podcast ft. Adam Grant

39 Minutes
  • Recommend for: Anyone who wants to have a better understand of their personality types, as well as personality types to look out. Adam Grant is a genius and my personal favorite behavioral psychologist who strikes an amazing balance of both anecdotal evidence and relatable data.
  • Major takeaway: Giving and taking is about your motives, you can be a giver but not necessarily be an agreeable one. For example, most people wouldn’t describe me as very agreeable, but I’m still someone who cares a lot about giving. I’m willing to give the stuff that agreeable people aren’t willing to give, like tough coaching. What kind of giver or taker are you?


Tony Robbins Podcast ft. Ray Dalio

1 hr. 10 minutes
  • Recommend for: Anyone who is interested in organizational behavior or behavioral psychology. Or if you want to get really rich and you want Ray Dalio to tell you how he did it.
  • Major takeaway: Honesty in cultures is crucial. Success is directly linked to your willingness to grow, and part of growth is learning about both your strengths and your weaknesses. Ray Dalio implements this in his company culture in order to foster self awareness and empowerment in each of his employees.


WorkLife w. Adam Grant

38 Minutes
  • Recommend for: Anyone who is curious about boundary setting at work, or anyone who is curious about deepening their understanding of their own personal industrial mindset.
  • Major takeaway: There are different kinds of workaholics, and work/life balance looks different for everyone. The fundamental difference is what work provides for you. Is your obsession passion based or fear driven? These questions help you identify the health of your relationship to work.


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